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The Spectator


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Artist: Alex Platt

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 970 x 1310mm

“I was thinking about how each person within their life time gets to witness a certain number of moments. When you think about your grandparents, they witnessed the world during a world war, they witnessed certain developments in industry and agriculture, they witnessed the rise of rock n roll music and the birth of the Beatles. And when they died, it’s like the curtain came down and the show was over. They perhaps didn’t get to see a world where internet existed, or when Trump became one of the most powerful men in the world, they didn’t know warfare with drones, or get to be a teenager in the age of electronic music. So it made me realise that each of us, due to our own individual circumstances are watching different parts of history play out, but when the game is over, that’s all we get to watch. I don’t find this sad, I find it fascinating. You might have noticed that I like themes which remind us all of how mortal and ephemeral each of us are, and therefore how lucky we are to be here even just for a short time.”

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