Moldavite Gem Ring


The stone of transformation – Moldavite


This olive- green stone contrasts with the gold and black, exuding style and sophistication.

The setting is sterling silver with 2-microns of gold plating and black rhodium plating.


Approx size: 20 x 17mm


Ring size: Set at a size 7, although is adjustable to suit different size fingers.


Moldavite are among some of the rarest minerals on earth. It was created by a meteor strike around 14.8 million years ago. It is a tektite stone that is known for its high vibrations and intense frequencies. It is well known as a stone of spiritual awakening and accelerating personal growth.

The price of Moldavite has increased by approximately 500% in the last 15 years. Moldavite is only set to increase in value year by year as the limited supply of stones disappears from the market.

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