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Tanya Ashworth

tanSarianti Designs began from a costume design for Dance North Extensions (Townsville) “Colours Down Under,” in 1988. I was asked to design and screen print 3 designs on T-shirts including a backdrop. Out of those 3 designs I chose to develop the reef design, and from there Sarianti Designs was born. Today sarianti designs produces small hand painted momentos of the reef.

All my designs are hand painted on tiny bowls, plates, salt and pepper sets, teapots, platters and paintings, which promote the beauty of North Queensland.

I like to be known as a freelance illustrator with a combination of different skills painting in gouache and acrylics – illustration, technical design and commercial graphic design.

As an illustrator, I have always believed that it is important to vary your skills. Not only is it an asset, but it is also a creative challenge that keeps growing each day. To this present day I am a strong believer in developing new styles of illustrative works, purely because I enjoy the challenge.

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