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Petra Meikle

IMG_3514Petra is a self-taught artist who lives in tropical far north Queensland.
In order to get her material for her art work she takes her own photographs. A keen scuba diver, she never leaves home without the camera, with trips to the reef quite frequent.

“In my part of the world, we are surrounded by some of the most rare and beautiful creatures on this planet. Through my artwork I hope to make people more aware of our native species while expressing my love and concern for our natural environment,
and the importance of preserving it.”

Most of her work has been put together using recycled materials ranging from cardboard, electrical wire, newspaper, wool, fabrics, plaster, clay and oil paint. Oil paint is her main painting medium, but she is always experimenting with different mediums to achieve that perfect effect. The techniques she uses include sculpturing, undercoating, gluing, painting, and sealing or lacquering, in a limitless number of combinations. This is a slow, laborious job but well worth the effort. Petra take’s pride in the neatness of completed work, striving for a strong, secure and tidy finish.

The entire painting /sculpture can be dusted using a small soft (make-up like) brush.

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