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Debbie Fedrick

Art has always been an integral part of my life. As a child I would while away the hours sketching on my bed often drawing the things closest to me like my own hands and feet. I studied art throughout my school years and have continued to self-learn since then. I am now making more time to pursue my passion for drawing and painting.

With my painting I prefer to not be restricted to one genre, one style or one subject. I listen and react to an inner urge that drives my direction for each art work. I can be influenced by scenery, nature, images and colours. I generally stay focused on the artwork under progress and do not create several at once. I don’t want the desire and drive for a particular outcome to be influenced by another work. I try to discipline myself not to even think about the next painting in order to maintain full concentration on the current work.

I paint in acrylics, they offer a level of flexibility that works well with my kind of painting. I especially like the quick drying time. I mainly work from my imagination and not from photographs. I paint landscapes, seascapes, interiors, and abstracts. I often interpret nature, so while you may not have seen the wild flower I have painted you instinctively know it is a wildflower. I have a love for colour and this love and respect can be seen in my paintings.

I prefer free style when it comes to creating my works. Sometimes I do a rough sketch on paper and sometimes I sketch directly on to the canvas and sometimes I just start painting. Many of my paintings start with a dark background. I enjoy how the subsequent layers of colour resonate against the dark background and that interaction becomes an integral part of the painting. Many of my works involve very fine detail using some of the smallest brushes 0.5, 1 and 0. I also love using dots or stippling within a painting to carry and blend colour without mixing it; to create movement and pattern without painting it in. I am adept at wielding a pin head over large canvases.

Of recent times I have also returned to my love of drawing. Working with good quality acid free papers and archival black pens, I am quiet prolific with my drawings. While I won’t have more than one canvas on the go at the one time, I do mix drawing in between the painting of that one canvas. I don’t see the drawing as conflicting with the painting but in fact as helping develop my eye and hand coordination and control. Also drawing is a more flexible and social activity than painting. As with my painting, my drawings cover all styles and subjects. I love stippling as much as I love line drawing and often mix the two.

I live in Brisbane, Australia, a beautiful part of the world with inspiring local environments and dramatic coastlines nearby. I love traveling around our beautiful country and must have the window seat on aircraft so I can soak up the landscape below and take multiple photos to later inspire and inform me. Recent travels to Darwin, Port Douglas and Cairns as well as The Hunter Valley, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne have provided stimulation and education showcasing the colors of our oceans, reefs, pastoral land, forests and cities.

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