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Craig Martin


Something happened at the age of 5 that changed everything. A sketch book belonging to one of the lodgers in our family guest house was placed in my hands and the feeling that came from those pages of drawings has never left me nor waned. It began a journey of trying to find and replicate that feeling over and over and over again.
Although not formally trained there has been a multitude of teachers that have guided my craft and art over the years. The official career began 15 years ago while living in Dubai as a flight attendant. Some of my sketches serendipitously found their way before the eyes of the chief editor of lifestyle magazine, “Liberty”, which began the editorial illustration part of things. From there things have exploded into such unexpected and delightful directions; selling through numerous galleries, a sell out exhibition, selling out at group exhibitions, graphic design, murals, a series of Weekender front covers and both national and international commissions.
May these paintings and their stories bring your heart the wordless wonder that I first felt many years ago.

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