Greg Fang Yuen is a Cairns based artist whose diverse talents span across several mediums including oil painting, wood carvings and lead pencil drawings.

Discovering his love for the arts in early 2015, he started with painting his closest muse, his daughter; where his ability to capture a persons’ true essence on canvas first became evident. Greg draws his inspiration from those around him or from memories that hold a special place in his heart. With no formal training, you would be forgiven in thinking Greg has been at this much longer than 2015. He has been commissioned to create original once off pieces for clients and his work has been displayed in several galleries across Cairns. What started out as a hobby, soon became a passion and outlet for his creativity. He uses his art as a way to calm his mind and centre his thoughts. Seeing the joy people get from his art is what drives him to keep creating and he hopes his work inspires other up and coming artists to continue to grow their passions.